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There is alway a little bit of apprehension when visiting a new church.  Not knowing what the services will be like and what is expected of you can give a reason for not wanting to visit.  Let us take the mystery and worry away by letting you know what to expect when you enter our building for worship.

You will be greeted by several of our members as you walk in the door.  We feel a warm greeting to our visitors lends to the family atmosphere that you will feel as you worship with us.


Now, let us walk you through a typical worship service...

We begin our worship services at around 10:30 am.  As you walk in the front doors, the auditorium will be to your right.  Though many members tend to sit in the same place every Sunday, please feel free to sit anywhere you wish.  We promise we won’t bite if you get our seat!


We want all of our guests to feel very comfortable and at ease when you visit.  We don’t want to put anyone is a position of feeling embarrassed or out of place.  We will not call on you to be a part of our service unless we have asked you first.

We would like all of our guests to fill out a visitors card. This will allow us to have a record of your attendance with us.  The easiest way of turning in the card will be to place it in the offering plate as it is passed. If you'd like to give it to one of the men in the foyer, that will be fine, too.
Hopefully this information will make you feel at home the first time you walk in the door because that is exactly how we want you to feel!
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